If This Bird Could Have Made Skid Marks in the Air, He Would Have!

A swallow hit my bike.

It was so fast, much faster than I ever can be.

I saw how it tried to avoid me and just barely hit the top of the windscreen.

I merely noticed. My nerves to slow, my body too slow. Time to short to reach the brakes. Much to short.

If the bird could have med skid marks in the air, he would have.

With a faint thud the bird hit the top edge of the windscreen and landed ever so gently right in my lap.

Pulled over. Stopped my machine.

Holding the weightless body in the palm of my hand I broke into tears. Just a moment ago it was mastering the skies, flying like nothing man could ever create. Now never more.

Our meeting was brief for sure, but it was a wonderful gift to me. It reminded me of how precious life is. How dear I hold it and how much I love it.

We should dance through life – all of us! – And just like a bird who soars trough the skies I want to explore life before the inevitable death reaches me. I don’t want to miss a second of it.

Thank you bird – for reminding me!


  1. Kalle the bug 25 mars, 2012 at 17:25

    Du borde inte gråta – du räddade livet på tusentals flugor!

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