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My five best podcasts

In this post I suggest five essential podcasts to educate yourself in a broad way while keeping your sanity and remaining (or regaining) hope for the future. I also suggest it is highly important that you come out of your world of facebook feeds and snippet journalism if you are in such a box. This may sound provocative, and perhaps it is, but there are good reasons for it.


Schuberth SRC intercom – free Cheat-Sheet

When I bought an intercom for my Schuberth helmet i realized it’s most probably was made to protect smarter heads than mine. So I made a Cheat-sheet for the intercom so I won’t feel stupid for not remembering what buttons to press.

Download it here for free.


Will Steffen: one hell of a party pooper

Climate expert Professor Will Steffen invited to a seminar today in Stockholm, in which…


Who made the world?

The Summer Day Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black…


The Art of Packing for Camino de Santiago

How to pack and what to wear for Camino de Santiago


Earn Three Bucks a Tweet

Nielsen institute, probably the worlds largest marketing survey institute, recently said on their news…


Selfdriving Vehicles Perfects Transportation

In this piece I discuss the self-driving vehicle as a solution to crammed cities, depletion…


My BMW R 1200 GSA and the 30k km check point.

I bought my BMW 1200 GSA new last spring (2010). It now has 30.000 kilometers on it, which is pretty intense. At least thats what I think. I have no idea how much milage bikers of today are actually putting on their bikes. Never asked. Anyway, I thought it would be a nice idea to write a condensed report on how this first year and a half of ownership has been.


The Future of Consumption

Rachel Botsman has an intense personality. In this TED-talk she delivers a fact-packed briefing about…


If This Bird Could Have Made Skid Marks in the Air, He Would Have!

It was so fast, much faster than I ever can be. I saw how…


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