Earn Three Bucks a Tweet

Nielsen institute, probably the worlds largest marketing survey institute, recently said on their news blog that consumer trust in online, social and mobile advertising is growing. I am not surprised.

We are bombarded with messages in these devices and at an accelerating speed. Five years ago few where using their phones on public transport. Today I would say more than half is checking their email, Facebook, twitter or what have you while commuting. ”Consumer trust is growing” – try this instead: ”Consumers are getting used to online advertising” What’s the next step going to be? Perhaps getting paid every time I mention a brand in any of my feeds? When will I earn money sending a tweet like this:

@bjorngranberg: Enjoying a GB ice-cream while filling up my BMW at Shell!

I hope that day will never come, but it would not surprise me if it does. The Green party, here in Sweden once had a splendid idea they advocated for, called Advertising Peace (Reklamfrid). The idea was simple and honest: people weren’t supposed to be unwillingly exposed to commercials that escalated consumerism.

Unfortunately the Greens seem to have forgotten some of its core values of non consumerism: the idea is since many years in cold storage.

But perhaps not entirely: Very okayish I found a link to a nice short resume on what we need to do in our personal lives to be happy instead of just affluent – on Green Party member Göran Hålldéns blog. And Hållden is not any green party member. He is in fact sitting in the committee responsible for revising the party’s political program for the election coming up in 2014. Lets decide it’s a good sign.

Buy the book on Amazon: Tim Kasser, The High Price of Materialism


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