Schuberth SRC intercom – free Cheat-Sheet

When I bought an intercom for my Schuberth helmet i realized it’s most probably was made to protect smarter heads than mine. So I made a Cheat-sheet for the intercom so I won’t feel stupid for not remembering what buttons to press.

You can download it here for free.

If the helmet is not made for smarter heads than mine, at least this must be the case with the Schuberth SRC intercom-system. The SRC-system makes it theoretically possible to talk not only to my passenger but also a friend on another bike. But that’s in theory.

The main obstacle to get Schuberts intercom to work has been my poor brains lack of memory capacity needed to remember the systems gazillion button combinations. Another problem is Schuberth SRC:s poorly written instruction manual. Of course Schubert has made this cheesy manual – which is ok if you have wi-fi, remember the address and have lots of time, but that is seldom the case. Besides it’s not very practical on the roadside.

So I decided to go through the manual really throughly and make a cheat-sheet for all the functions the way I want it. I keep it in my motorcycle jacket at all times and I have found it quite helpful. Hopefully someone else will as well.
The download is free.

Schubert SRC Cheat-Sheet


  1. Dean Brown 23 april, 2013 at 19:36

    Thanks for your cheat sheet it will help. I cannot be more frustrated with the SRC complexity. I am a computer geek and I cannot belive how un intuitive the system is. Especially when you are riding down the road trying to get the darn thing to go from listening to your GPS to talking on the intercom. Have not found a way to easily go back and fourth.

  2. Fletch 5 augusti, 2013 at 05:08

    Thanks for your aids! Bought new helmets with SRC for wife and self. Could not have been more disappointed. Poorly designed helmet fit and confusing SRC set up instructions. Boxed up the helmets and SRC for curb sale. Will never buy either system again!

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  4. Donivan 24 oktober, 2014 at 05:54

    How do I change the language? It was in German, I got it to Spanish….somehow. Please help!

    • Björn 24 oktober, 2014 at 09:46

      I have absolutely no idea 🙁 But if you do find out – I really hope so – please make a note here for others who might experience the same problem.

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