MADE: Sync or Swim on BBC. Fantastic reviews!

A short report from my work-life. I am proud to announce that Sync or Swim was shown for the first time, june 14th on BBC Storyville. It’s a documentary and it’s produced under many years with a very small team where my part was camera man (b-camera) and sound technician.

Reading the reviews in the British newspapers filled me with pride and joy, and I tip my hat to Dylan Williams and Erik Pauser for their huge success in making this film come through as it did. I also did quite a good job myself.

Here are a few quotes from some of the reviews:

The Independent:

”Bravo to Dylan Williams. All things considered, this was a nigh-on perfect documentary”

Metro UK:

”…a splendid film that, at heart, was about learning to stop worrying where you are going and, instead, remember to appreciate where you are, in the here and now.”

The Sunday Times:

”…After all, not only did they turn out to be rather good at synchronised swimming, they also managed to make a very entertaining film about it.”

If you live in the UK you can watch it on BBC iPlayer. I assume it will come to Sweden later this year. Anyone know about this?

According to Dylan it is confirmed that it will be broadcast in Sweden in october this year.

Link to Dylan Williams and Erik Pauser: Amp film
Link to Stockholm Konstsim Herr


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