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Will Steffen, climate scientist and one hell of a party pooper. But listen to him for Gods sake!!

Professor Will Steffen was invited to a seminar today in Stockholm, where he presented some extremely depressing facts.

Facts that left me devastated, but also more motivated than ever to come up with something more positive.

The seminar was at KTH and was called: ’Surviving the Anthropocene: Towards Global Sustainaibility’. The video below is an abbreiviated TED-version of the much longer lecture I attended, but you’ll get the drift.

If you are a human being, and I suppose you are, I recommend that you make your self aware of what kinds of changes on the planet that the human enterprise is creating right now.

Most important however, is to understand what Steffen says about the Planetary Boundaries and consider how we can respect those in both the small, and the large. And really, in the age of man: How do we stay inside Earths Safe Operating Space?

I can hardly think of a more horrific story to tell and perhaps that is the reason why most of us still deny these facts or pretend they are of other peoples concern.

Want to predict something? Fires burning down wast swats of forests, draughts, climate refugees.. etc. When? In our life time. and probably sooner than when your now new car is ready to be renewed.

Well, all of us are busy living our lives so who will take the lead? The politicians? Hardly – didn’t we just saw COP 18 in Doha fail miserably! The big corporations? Not a chance as long as economics work the way it does. Can we just muddle through this then? Not without enormous and irreversible costs and the demise of the planet as we know it.

I believe in a humanity that grows up and unite. Its our only chance to survive with our integrity intact.

The worst challange I believe comes from greed, which I would like to point out is inherent in our economy – not the human soul – and that’s our tragedy. We have a system that put our leaders in golden handcuffs and that will kill all of us.

By this time you know that I am truly worried. What we need though, is to not worry, but to raise our heads, stand tall and start creating positive visions on how the path to a sustainable, thriving planet with a human race that lives in peace.

We need leaders that has the courage to throw away their golden handcuffs and lead us to a new humanity and a new economy.

Let’s get to work!

The age of man – a huge challenge for humanity

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