The Future of Consumption

Share'NGo. Italian car sharing in Florence, Milano and Rome. This picture was added 2016 and is a lot newer than the post.

Rachel Botsman has an intense personality. In this TED-talk she delivers a fact-packed briefing about how the changing rules of human behavior is also changing our consumption behaviors and how this change may be to the better.

For anyone interested in turning consumption greener and moving to a smarter, more mature consumption society this TED-talk is a must.

”Sharing is to ownership, what the iPod is to the 8-track and Solar Power to the coal mine.”

For the layman the speech may be hard to understand, but for the already initiated it’s a gold mine of ideas. Whether you already own a business or if you are looking for fresh business ideas for starting up a new enterprise – you are going to have a mouth full!

Update, feb 6th, 2011: Wired Magazine ran an article today with a version of this theme called Rentalship Is The New Ownership in the Networked Age that you might want to check out.

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