Tunnels in Sobon

Internet here in Gladtz, Poland, where I am right now is going down a lot and when its up, the speed is about the as good as an old telephone modem. As you can imagine, I have had a hard time uploading any video.

But just to show that I am alive, I made a very small clip of only 30 seconds to prove that I am really safe not up to anything stupid or dangerous 🙂

The guy seen on the film is Tom, A nice guy from Lódz who is very interested in archeology from the times if the Third Reich. We made a tour to the Sobon part of the Riese yesterday. The site was blown up by the nazis when they left and then again by the soviet troops and after that is has been looted by locals, so its in pretty bad shape.

Tomorrow I will start moving slowly towards Denmark again, first paying a visit to the Gross-Rosen concentration camp.

Otherwise I am enjoying the friendly people here while having fun in the tunnels.


  1. Tom 20 maj, 2011 at 10:14

    En irriterande motorcykel har dykt upp till vänster på skärmen som gör det svårt att läsa (både i Crome och IE)… Annars – kul att höra från dig och att det är bra.

  2. Björn Granberg 23 maj, 2011 at 19:36

    Kom, såg, och besegrade problemet.

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